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Baojing Packaging Products Co.,Ltd.

Wuxibaojing packing products co., ltd (BAOJING) is located in Qianzhou town in Wuxi economic developed zone which enjoys good reputation as the town of textile dying in China. From this, the transportation is much convenient to any place....
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Glasses cloth
> Glasses cloth
Our glasses cloth synthesis of advanced nanote...
Glasses bag
> Glasses bag
Workmanship exquisite glasses bags, hand-built...
Glasses case
> Glasses case
New materials, technology class, nice features...
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Add:Yellowstone Street Qianzhou Town,
Wuxi, Jiangsu,China
Contact:Mr.Wang 13506179350
Tel:+86 510 83395701 83395703
Fax:+86 510 83395703
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